Our vision is 2022

for your cycling adventure

If not now, then when?

Simply put, the island of Mallorca is a cycling paradise. More than 150,000 cyclists head to Mallorca each year for the exceptional and varied cycling, and the warm welcome.

Having travelled to Mallorca in October, to see what international travel was like, we found a treasured island, a cycling paradise, doing all they can to safely welcome travelers.

JOIN US MAY 6-15, 2022

Slip away for some great riding.

We are readying to welcome you all to join us next spring or fall for a return to cycling adventures in Mallorca 2022.

Lanzarote and Tenerife

A climber’s challenge in the Spanish Canary Islands.

Come explore the challenging and glorious Lanzarote and Tenerife.


About Us

Our 20+ years of experience in leading trips to Mallorca puts you in the perfect spot to just relax, ride your bike and let us take care of you and the details.